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「What is "Edo-Coré" Meister?」

This site, "Edo-Coré Meister," posts interviews of 16 major craftspeople who participate in the "Edogawa City Special Products Sales Promotion Business ." Branding consultant Ryūji Andō visited the craftspeople in their workshops and put together a candid review of their personalities as well as their persistency in and enthusiasm for their work. Also included are valuable photos of their crafting processes and tools. Please enjoy these interviews as reference in understanding the skilled craftspeople of Edogawa City.
Their splendid works can be purchased online at the "Edo-Coré" Rakuten Shop.
Please also use our "Mamechishiki (trivia)" page where terminology unique to Japanese craft-making is explained concisely.


Introducing the Craftsmen
Traditional Crafts Trivia

Introducing the Craftsmen

Edo Furin (Wind Chime) - Yoshiharu Shinohara

Edo Glass - Hiroko Nakamura

Edo Sensu (Folding Fans) - Hiroshi Matsui

Hideo Yamakawa
Kumiko Fixtures - Hideo Yamakawa

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Traditional Crafts Trivia

Edo Furin (Wind Chime)

◆Mayokeno Oto (Sound that Wards Off Evil)

The Japanese are known to place faith in the power of sounds. According Rokugakushu, which was a book written in the Kamakura period (late 12th century to early 14th century), people would hang wind chimes under eaves and the sound was presumed to ward off misfortune.

◆Inuhariko (Paper Dog)

This paper doll shaped like a dog is presented as an offering to gods at the shrine to protect newborn babies from evil spirits.

Edo Sensu (Folding Fans)

◆Origins of Sensu

Sensu originated from Uchiwa (paper fans) that China introduced to Japan during the 7th century. Sensu is a foldable variation of the Uchiwa and was invented in Japan during the Heian period, around the 8th century. The original Sensu was called Hiogi, which were originally used as a cheat sheet for men when speaking in public. As people began drawing pictures on the Sensu, it gradually evolved into a decorative accessory and became popular among women.

◆Susutake (Smoked Bamboo)

Susutake is bamboo that was smoked over a fireplace for at least 100 years and used on the floors and rafters of thatched houses. Polishing Susutake draws out intricate colors and classic tastes.

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